Fashion Watch: Sexy Looks of the Week

Hmm… So, what is sexy to many? Revealing clothes? Tights? Plunging necklines, thigh-high slits? Well, all those have a point and so, we bring them to you plus looks that are just subtly stunning. Here goes..

Taylor Swift in Hollywood

Starting with a stylish Taylor coming off a workout..

Candice Swanepoel
Candice Swanepoel in NYC

To a proud ‘momma-to-be’ in Candice wearing a boho-chic attire..

Rihanna in New York City
Rihanna in New York City

To a revealing outfit by Rihanna! Then again, in this case sexy doesn’t necessarily mean ‘cool’. The choice of color isn’t really good including that red and black strip design. So are the boots. But because it’s a see-through, many are just lost in their sighs..

Sofia Vergara in Beverley Hills
Sofia Vergara in Beverly Hills

Yet all it takes are designs even as simple as stripes and a good fit to make one as sexy as can be — just like the gorgeous Sofia!

Paula Patton in London
Paula Patton in London

Or a spaghetti-string in a real soft colored dress to be a head-turner.

Now, that’s what we call ‘stunning’, Paula! Ciao!


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