2016 NBA PlayOffs: An Era Cut Short?

First, let’s go to the East Finals. Cleveland. Toronto. The Cavaliers are now on the brink of making it to the NBA Finals after smothering the Raptors by 38. Well, just as we guessed — those losses by Cleveland were simply to spice up our interest. But, unless one is naive then he certainly wouldn’t fall for it.

Look at the Raptors’ ‘star’ back court again?! Wow, another sorry performance! Can’t blame the bench if the stars themselves are ‘incapable’, you know.

The Toronto Raptors
Toronto Raptors: Just too much isolation

Anyway, let’s now move to the more interesting West Finals. OKC. Golden State. The Warriors may have staved off elimination today but could they really slow down the rampaging Thunder? Hmm… When OKC eliminated San Antonio, we already felt that it wouldn’t even be a surprise if they became this year’s NBA Champion. They’ve matured a lot.

After initially making it to the Finals back in 2012, they solidified their status as a ‘dangerous’ contender, year-in year-out. But as we know, not only did they lose James Harden but they were also beset by numerous injuries.. And so, here we are today.

OKC fab four (Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images)
OKCs fab four of 2012 (Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE)

On the other hand, we’ve seen the rise of Golden State to the elite team that they are now.. But are we also just about to see the ‘end of a dynasty’ when they barely just begun?

This is really why the 1996 Chicago Bulls are still the best team in NBA history even if the Warriors eclipsed their 72-win record. The Bulls made it with all those ‘hard fouls’ and basically blew out their opponents while the Warriors, well..

Is 'small ball' coming to an end?
Is ‘small ball’ coming to an end?

Small ball may have been good while it lasted. In the end, you need consistency especially if you can’t control the boards, and if you can’t really protect the rim every night — would you just hope for a poor shooting performance by your opponent?

Now, doubts continue as this could already be ‘an era cut short’..


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