2016 NBA PlayOffs: Thunderous Collapse, Golden Comeback

So, 3 straight losses for OKC?! And a monumental comeback by Golden State!! It’s a rematch between the Warriors and the Cavs for the Larry O’Brien trophy. What gives?!


OKCs deadly duo no more?
OKCs deadly duo no more?

After already having a foot on the Warriors’ neck and so, almost a sure intact line-up for next season — yep, notwithstanding free agency — the Thunder now find themselves even questioning the real value of a Kevin Durant-Russell Westbrook partnership.

Hey after all these years, they’re all finally healthy but still.. Is it just about time to break them up and find a ‘better’ fit?

Can’t be. They’re one of the best one-two punches in the league, why break them up? There just has to be some serious talk between KD, Russell and Billy Donovan.

OKCs downfall could be a coaching failure
OKCs downfall could be a coaching failure

One. KD and Russell should learn to recognize and pass to ‘hot’ teammates especially when they are struggling. Two. Well, this is ‘water under the bridge’ but don’t you think that Billy Donovan should have used Anthony Morrow especially in this series? Hmm…

As it is, OKCs loss could be more of a coaching failure for KD and Russell could only think of passing to their ‘bigs’ — since they don’t really have a legitimate 3-point threat, other than KD himself!


Bravo! The Warriors just showed us what the heart of a Champion is really all about. And completing this season’s run with back-to-back titles would only cement them as one of the best teams in history.

Now the question is ‘can they really do it’?

Warriors: Do they still have enough left in the tank?
Warriors: Do they still have enough left in the tank?

Okay, they came back from the grave against OKC but do they still have enough against the Cavaliers? After all, Stephen Curry even struggled against Dellavedova in last year’s Finals — what more now with a complete and healthy line-up for the Cavs?!

Any serious struggle for Curry could spell doom for the Warriors.


2 thoughts on “2016 NBA PlayOffs: Thunderous Collapse, Golden Comeback”

  1. I think your point about, ‘passing to hot teammates’ is the crux of the issue with the Thunder. I don’t know that a team with two mega-stars like Durant/Westbrook can change their tendency to try to play hero-ball when things get tight late in games. Really enjoyed the article and will be following…

    1. Indeed. Guess they should really have a serious talk about it — include Donovan cause they could really have used a good shooter to their advantage. In this case, they just wasted their opportunity. Thanks! Hope to hear more from you.

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