Movie Review: X-Men Apocalypse (2016)

With all their mutant powers, X-Men is always fun to watch — to a certain extent. Meaning, if you just want some action — though it’s not lacking. ‘Cause mutants seem to live a lonely life, there’s just no fun, all work. All study. No personal life except for remembering their bad experiences as a mutant. Not even a ‘real’ love life to spice up their existence.

Well, somehow, it’s understandable.

Yet again, if you have already seen X-Men Apocalypse, as a keen fan you’d feel the franchise is deteriorating. Let’s have a glimpse..

See, the initial installments of this series was good. For one, not only because t’was still new but because of its stellar casting which is why every character was given importance. In X-Men Apocalypse, what happened to the character of Storm? She used to be a major part of X-Men but now, she’s like given lesser than a supporting role. See? That’s the magic of Halle Berry, or having ‘big names’ in the film — they’d be given more weight.

Then again, this is also some problem on the script. Just look at Wolverine. He’s been on and off in this series. And even of lesser significance than a guest in this installment. Sad to say but save for Jennifer Lawrence, no one really has that international appeal.

Script, casting — that’s the real issue.

J-Law a.k.a. Mystique became the main character?
J-Law a.k.a. Mystique became the main character?

The plot on the coexistence of humans and mutants only highlights the issue on acceptance — not the problem of human beings as selfish and greedy which is really why there is chaos in this world. The producers should make this change to enlighten lost souls — you know, social responsibility — and not just focus on entertainment which could decline further if they can’t even fix Mystique’s hair and forehead. Hah! Some angles were just pretty bad, those aforementioned parts didn’t look natural anymore — prosthetics and all!

Oh well..


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