Food & How To: Kamaro (Filipino)

One of the more famous Kapampangan delicacies is the exotic Kamaro, a succulent appetizer made of mole crickets, otherwise known as ‘kuliglig’ by locals. Obviously, what makes this recipe a class of its own is the preparation. After all, it’s a bug we’re talking here that many are not used to.. uh, eating??

Adobong Kamaro
Adobong Kamaro

And so, in the case of mole crickets, there are also creative ways to prepare it. One would be — the legs and wings are removed while the body is boiled in vinegar and garlic. Then these are sautéed in oil, onion and chopped tomatoes until it’s brown and ready to consume. Still, let’s see the other ‘cooked’ kamaro dishes..

Well, clearly, the best way to cook ‘insects’ is to stir fry it — where more often than not, you don’t really need to remove the legs but just the wings — as frying simply makes ’em crunchy with more of the insect to consume. And yup, it’s tasty when dipped in a sauce of chili, vinegar, soy sauce, onions, pepper and other herbs and spices, so, you’d definitely ask for more. Hah!

Mole Cricket, or 'Kuliglig'
Mole Cricket, or ‘Kuliglig’

Hmm… Maybe it’s time to scour your rice field for ‘kuliglig’. Enjoy!


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