Consumer Video: 7 not 8 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test

Hot Dogs. One of our All-time favorite street food is again the center of attention, and this time, in our feature. Hmm… Is there a way to make life easier and more fun in preparing hot dogs?

Of course, there is. In fact, there’s 7 hot dog gadgets that we’ll just about be putting to a test now. So, let’s begin..

Okay, while there are a couple of helpful hot dog ‘tools’ that we’ve witnessed, most actually have issues that places a cloud in their value. First, the ‘spotless’..

SLOT DOG. Have you ever wondered why hot dogs are actually sliced before they are cooked? Basically, so that the hot dog won’t pop or ‘explode’ ’cause of expanding water while it’s being cooked. So, in comes the ‘slot dog’. Not only does it slice but it creates multiple, symmetrical openings for faster cooking and to make it easier to put your favorite garnishings.

HOT DOG STUFFER. Oh, this gadget has almost the same purpose as the ‘slot dog’ — though it’s a little tougher to use since you have to push out the hot dog ‘meat’ just so you could stuff it with garnishings. So, we’d rather prefer the ‘slot dog’.

HOT DOG HOLDER.. Yes, having this gadget would make your fridge neater and organized as not removing it from the plastic makes it watery making the fridge a bit messy. But, what about hot dog size? Is there a model for larger ones? Besides, remember the dangers of using plastic? So..

HOT DOG GRILLER. This gadget seems unnecessary; then again, its benefits could be well appreciated in camping where unlike others — you won’t require pans and oil. Thing here is, just don’t forget to use a cloth holder as the griller is all metal and could sort of scald your hands should you overlook it.

HOT DOG TOASTER. This is one cool gadget. More than the usefulness of the tong, ‘everything’ gets toasted — yeah, not just the hotdogs but the buns, too — and in less than 5 minutes. Our only concern here is, how cooked could the hot dog be?

HOT DOG MAKER. Uhm, this one is like a steamer and it’s said to cook up to 6 hot dogs. Well, don’t really like it. Why? Electricity. Clearly, it’ll be costly.

CONED-A-DOG. Guess this gadget is a bit too much. Hey, the cuts are just too deep that it could ruin the hot dog! Better go with the ‘slot dog’ instead.

So, there you have it.. And obviously our choices are the Slot Dog, Hot Dog Griller, and Hot Dog Toaster — for the coolest Hot Dog gadgets!


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