Consumer Video: Giving Birth on a Wheelchair

Okay, t’is is what we’re sayin’! Most supposed leaders and billionaires are supporting ‘equality’ being the trend that many powerful women have been riding on. Like, haven’t you still heard of ‘Lean In’?

The most influential are actually just supporting what’s trending which is in fact just their own doing, too. Yup, to aid their ambitions. See how selfish the world has become? Tsk tsk..

And now, this..

Many are starving. Living below the standards of human dignity. And even being denied of basic services. So, what’s the use of things like ‘Lean In’ when many are even having a hard time in life?

Ambition. Getting to the next level is only applicable if everybody’s fed well. If everybody is being given ‘equal opportunities’. If the poor are cared for and not denied by hospitals, or whatever institution or government agency that could help them.

In our featured video, it is said that a Filipina who was to give birth was denied by 2 local hospitals, and was just forced to give birth on a wheelchair with the help of some nurses. So, was this just publicity since t’was the nurses who did help? Can’t be. Not time for such.

0619 Bringing-Hope-In-The-Lives-Of-The-Needy-Through-Humanitarian-Approach

Fact is — the world’s focus has really been on money. On getting more money, on helping those who got money — but is just hiding behind a sheepish, ‘We want to help especially the needy’.

Yeah, sad but true. But look around you, the needy is even growing; and most of the influential could only talk about issues not act on it. Well, perhaps it’s about time to move away from a capitalist society — and onto where consumers would be less exploited.


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