Fashion Watch: Best Dresses of the Week

From simple dresses to lively ones to chic — yup, even for a mom-to-be — that’s what we have for this week. The best dresses on our summer stylish stars!

And first up..

0621a rs_634x1024-160620163649-634.Jennifer-Lopez-Peach-Dress-NYC.0616
Jennifer Lopez in NYC

J-Lo! Peach is always a nice, soft color — more so with Jennifer Lopez in that dress. Hey, don’t you just love her tote bag? Hah!

0621b rs_634x1024-160620121405-634-jennifer-aniston-new-york-paisley-dress-062016
Jennifer Aniston in New York

Now, this is what you call simple — yet it rocks! Whatta cool paisley dress, Jennifer! And those slippers are just perfect!

0621c rs_634x1024-160620081229-634-Blake-Lively-NYC-JR-062016
Blake Lively in New York City

Wow, yellow! Just real lively! And looking like a princess! Ohh, who would think that Blake is even pregnant??! Hmm…

Beyonce in New York
Beyonce in New York

B for Boho. B for Queen Bee. B for Beyonce. And B for just Beautiful!

Blake Lively onto The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in NYC

Oh my, is this the ‘Blake Lively Show’? Hah! Well, it’s just another wonderful dress by Blake — as if we can’t have enough of it!

Yet t’is just about it for today’s fashion feature. Ciao!


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