Food & How To: Sinanglay and Sinugno (Filipino)

Whether the English name for local fish Tilapia is Sea Bass, Nile Perch, Cherry Snapper, or some specie of the Cichlid fish — Com’ on, with these many names, it seems like no one really knows; so, just call it Tilapia!

Anyway, how do you exactly cook it? In many non-Filipino recipes, we see they’re kinda dry and mostly fried with just different side dishes. Hey, fried is delicious and very common here — so is grilled Tilapia, Escabeche, Sweet and Sour, Pesa, and Sarciado.

But possibly the most tasty would be ’em recipes with coconut milk..

Okay, first of our two recipes is the Sinanglay.  While the stuffing of tomatoes, garlic, onions and ginger is common, what makes this dish interesting is that the fish wasn’t grilled (something like Pesa) so you could imagine the stuffing could have a milder effect — but the magic of ‘coco milk’ just makes the dish mouthwatering. Yes!

Generally easy to prepare, so why not try it? Just make sure you’ve deboned the Tilapia before stuffing those spices.

Now for our second recipe, the Sinugno. Well, this one is even more simple — just grill the Tilapia then simmer with coco milk and chili — yet again because of the coconut milk, the dish becomes tastier.

Still, notice the ‘greens’ in these two recipes are similar — the long chillis and the leaves, so are some of the spices. This means, when ‘coco milk’ is involved — ‘coco milk’ will most likely carry the flavor.

Time now to try these versions! Enjoy!


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