Food & How To: Pancit Habhab (Filipino)

Have you heard of Pancit Habhab? Well, it’s actually another name for Pancit Lucban, the popular noodle dish of Quezon province. But tell yah, t’is something like a Filipino counterpart for Korea’s Bibimbap — you know, the mixing and stuff — except that Pancit Habhab is about noodles while Bibimbap is rice.

Take a look at how it’s done..

So, probably the main thing you would have to watch out for in this dish is the potential saltiness of the pancit used, yep, since it is in fact pancit ‘miki’. Thus, vinegar and broth or water would indeed help in neutralizing that kinda salty flavor. Oh, and don’t forget that pechay (cabbage) and sayote (chayote) is a must — and bet you know why.

How Pancit Habhab is eaten
How Pancit Habhab is eaten (Courtesy of Tropicalissimo)

In all, there’s always this excitement when eating Pancit Habhab simply because it’s served in a banana leaf and you have to eat it without any sort of utensils but by simply putting it in your mouth. Really.

Now enjoy both the taste and the experience! Till next time!


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