Travel Time: Sta. Teresa de Avila Church & the Liberation Park (Talisay City, Cebu)

For this feature, we got 2 ‘destinations’ for you — yep, since they are just about 200 meters away from each other in Poblacion, Talisay City, Cebu. These are the Sta. Teresa de Avila Church which is the first one you would see being along the road — and the Liberation Park which is by the sea shore.

To Get Here: The ‘sight’ is just about 12 kilometers or so from Cebu City — so, ride a jeepney with any of the following numbers 41-46 where you could just get off Tabunok market and take a motorbike or tricycle. Yet to go deep into Talisay, ride #42 from Cebu City.

To Sta. Teresa de Avila Church
To Sta. Teresa de Avila Church

While we view churches as the same, well, actually they’re not. The structures may have some similarities (however, still with variations) but what defines it is the time it was built. This means, that century-old look and all has a big impact along with the church’s location. That’s what makes it special!

Oh.. Might as well go to the sports complex another time, uh!? Hah! Know what else is cool about this structure? Ok, even if it has some similarity with another Augustinian church in Bacnotan, La Union and to some extent, San Luis in Pampanga as well as Carcar also in Cebu — it still stands out because of its covered porch supported by two columns and a balustraded terrace that connects the two towers.

Well, historical places are always a sight to behold especially for those who appreciates how we came to be. In this case, the ‘landing in Talisay’ by the American forces back in World War II that paved the way to the recapturing of Cebu in 27 March 1945; and the Japanese surrender of the province 5 months later.

Dig it? Better visit. See yah!


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