Consumer Info: The Dangers of Instant Noodles

If you have not heard it since then get ready for this — ‘instant noodles’ is junk food and is linked to several health issues like hypertension, heart disease, stroke, kidney damage, could cause cancer, overweight, and even miscarriage while also hindering sperm production. Seriously.


Instant noodles is ‘coated in wax’ and is particularly high in sodium (salt) and additives that are also used in lighter fluids, insecticides, coolants and detergents. And lest we forget, MSG or vetsin.

Even in Malaysia, it is said that the average amount of sodium found on 10 samples was 830 mg after a test conducted by the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP). Now, according to the current US RDA on sodium for adults and children over 4 years old is 2,400 mg a day. And eating instant noodles can easily cause excessive sodium intake as sodium is commonly used in our other daily food especially from processed and hawker foods. (Courtesy of

These are just some facts — and we are still not even talking about the reported leaching of dioxin and other hormone-like substances from plastic containers of cup noodles, among others.

Cup noodles
Cup noodles: Harmful substances could seep into the soup while hot water is being added

See? Sadly, many of our countrymen even consume noodles as a substitute for regular meals or viand — obviously, because it’s cheaper compared to fish, meat or even vegetables. So, this should be a concern for government and business leaders. Having healthier food choices has something to do with having decent-paying jobs.

For now, all we could do is to try to avoid if not really minimize our consumption of noodles — yes, if only to stay healthy and ready.


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