Consumer Video: How to Change a Flat Tire

Okay, not everyone has a car or a 4-wheeled vehicle; but then, many if not most everyone have become passengers of such vehicles. So, for owners as well as for those friends and relatives of ’em vehicle owners, it would be good if you knew how to change a flat tire. You know, just in case.

Let’s see how..

Hmm… the key here is not to panic. Flat tires is not a major road issue. It happens. Since you have now seen the basics, it must have given you an idea on how to do it. Remember, twisting to the right — tightens; while twisting to the left — loosens. Now, just proceed on what to do — of course, given that you do have the tools needed; otherwise, you should not be ashamed to get help.

0711 changing flat tires
Strategically place the ‘early warning device’ triangle

Yet again, if your tire is real flat — don’t worry about driving on your rim. Just go nice and easy to a safe spot. Once you’ve replaced your tire, you could always have your rims or whatever checked. What’s important is getting things done — on the spot.

Still, if you aren’t strong or mobile enough to loosen or tighten those lug nuts, here are some tips from a then ‘pregnant’ woman (Tessa T) who had to go through it on her own:

  1. Make sure the car is secure on the ground, NOT on the jack.
  2. Place the tire iron on a nut so that the handle is just about PARALLEL with the ground as possible and in position so that it can turn down to loosen the nut.
  3. Step on the tire iron AND use your body weight to turn the lug nut.

    The tools you need
    The tools you need on a flat tire
  4. Loosen all of the lug nuts BEFORE jacking up the car.
  5. Change the tire. HAND tighten the lug nuts on the spare tire.
    Lower the car to the ground AND THEN, using the same technique but turning in the OPPOSITE direction, STEP on the lug nuts to tighten them.

Hey, don’t worry about the road time so much, lest you could take longer with the task at hand. Just focus.. And get ready to go!


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