In Pictures: Crocolandia (Talisay City, Cebu)

Situated just 13 kilometers south of Cebu City is Crocolandia, and you’re right — the stars of the show are ‘crocs’! Still, although the crocodiles are the main attraction of the place, yup, particularly ’cause of the feeding that many just wants to see — Crocolandia is actually more than just these beautiful creatures..

It’s in fact something like a mini-zoo with animals ranging from birds to lizards to tortoises, and even an ostrich! Let’s see for ourselves..

zz animal ostrich

Located along P. Burgos St. in Talisay City, Crocolandia is especially frequented during the weekends for its, yep, feeding schedule..

The Entrance
The Entrance
Parking Area
Parking Area
Fees and Schedules
Fees and Schedules

Well, I particularly appreciated the park’s orderliness..

zz upon entering 1 zz upon entering 2 zz upon entering 3

And landscaping! It’s just nice and green!

zz landscape

zz landscape 4

zz landscape 3

Anyway, while waiting for that feeding hour at 4pm — not only could you check out other animals — they also got a museum. And yeah, for kids to be ever so entertained, the place has a playground and a canteen with even Wi-Fi connectivity!

zz museum 1

zz museum 2


Oh, finally it’s time for the show..

So, if you love nature, you’d surely enjoy your visit. Hmm… Did we mention that you could even go fishing??! Hah! Enjoy, indeed!

Fish and enjoy!
Fish and enjoy!
To get to Crocolandia
To get to Crocolandia

To Get Here: Again, same as getting to Sta. Teresa de Avila Church and the Liberation Park — CLICK HERE — unless you’re in a private vehicle, or you rented a Multicab for the whole family to fit.


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