Restaurant Review: Lunch at Tokyo Tokyo

Well, compared to other Japanese restaurants or any other restaurant for that matter, Tokyo Tokyo is one of those that offers ‘unlimited rice’. Yup, just like the famous ‘chicken’ resto we have come to love.

Then again, ‘unli-rice’ can’t be the only reason why one should eat in a particular restaurant. Of course, the food, the ambiance.. and the crew, notwithstanding. And so, we tried out one of Tokyo Tokyo’s more popular meal packages — the Sumo with Big Chicken Katsu.

Teriyaki Big Chicken Katsu
Teriyaki Big Chicken Katsu
4 pcs. Prawn Tempura
4 pcs. Prawn Tempura

This meal package includes 2 drinks and 2 ‘initial’ rice for just P375..

The Sumo meal package
The Sumo meal package

Our verdict. The Prawn Tempura does not have much difference with regularly fried prawns save for its crispy covering which makes the piece look bigger. On the other hand, the Teriyaki Big Chicken Katsu tastes pretty good for a seemingly ‘breaded’ chicken as their sauces don’t really matter much with their kinda bland flavor that doesn’t blend well with the dish. The rice, good — glossy, soft and a bit sticky — just like real Japanese rice that you’ll keep asking for more!


In all though, the food is pretty ‘average’ with the Coleslaw side dish particularly lacking in carrots, among others — and that you’d only want to eat in its SM Seaside City Cebu branch if only for variety.

Hey, their place is sort of tight! And their crew, hmm…


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