Movie Review: The Purge – Election Year (2016)

So, what were the movies you have watched lately? How ’bout thriller films, like ’em? Then you must have probably considered ‘The Purge: Election Year’.

The Synopsis. As a young girl, Sen. Charlie Roan survived the annual night of lawlessness that took the lives of her family members. As a presidential candidate, Charlie Roan is determined to end the yearly tradition of blood lust once and for all. When her opponents hatch a deadly scheme, the senator finds herself trapped on the streets of Washington, D.C., just as the latest Purge gets underway. Now, it’s up to Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo), her head of security, to keep her alive during the next 12 hours of mayhem. (As seen in the net)

Know what, yes, we are aware of what’s right and wrong. That it’s not good to murder or harm others in any way. But don’t you think the franchise is just too much? Yeah, there are other films that are even more violent yet this series is more of a ‘direct hit’.

Is 12 hours of legalizing lawlessness fun?

Okay, it’s just a film. But it’s already the third installment! Meaning, it’s already got a following. See, movies or anything we see in society that is accepted or appreciated does influence many. Others.. They don’t even realize that they’re already on the dark side!normal_Elizabeth_Mitchell_The_Purge_Election_Year_04

Okay, there’s no need to keep doing ‘Biblical’ films for that matter for reasons you already know; but what we’re saying is that if one wants to make exciting movies then do not give an idea to movie-goers on lawlessness that threads a thin line between violating God’s words and ‘acceptable’ revenge.

Observe society. And we’re not even talking about immorality!

By the way, the timing of Marcos assassinating Warren before he could slit Senator Roan’s throat is off. If you notice the screen shots, Warren was already way ahead in his actions but the ‘take’ seems to have waited for Marcos to shoot Warren before the next scene.


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