In Pictures: Tubod Flowing Water Resort (Minglanilla, Cebu)

There are swimming pools and there are swimming pools. But our featured resort for today commands of something that most other pools don’t have — or do not do for that matter. What it may be, we’ll find out when we’ve gone through the resort in Pakigne..

To Get Here: Ride #43 going to Minglanilla. Get off the plaza then ride a ‘habal-habal’. Otherwise, you could also take a ‘multicab’ to Tubod Flowing Water Resort which is more comfortable, private, and could accommodate more of your family.

To get to Tubod Flowing Water Resort
To get to Tubod Flowing Water Resort

First, here’s the entrance, ticketing and parking..

1 entrance
The Entrance
2v ticket
The Ticketing
4b parking
The Parking Area

The segmented views on the main pool.. Pools. Hah!

6b pool view 1 7b pool view 2 8b pool view 3 9b pool view 4 Now, the more private pool just about at the back of the resort..

13b pool view 5 14b pool view 6

Of course, the accommodation..

accommodation 1
Located on the left side upon entry
accommodation 2
Located at the ‘far’ right upon entry

Yes, the landscape..

angle 1 angle 2 angle 3 angle 4 angle 5 angle 6 angle 7

Hey, what’s nice about the place is that it’s not just limited to pools and little playgrounds — but you could even play billiards, basketball, sing at videokes, visit their ‘bird sanctuary’, or go fun fishing!

Tubod Fishing Fun
Read the 'something' that Tubod boasts of
Read the ‘something’ that Tubod boasts of

As always in our videos, we don’t just show the nice spots and shots — but the ‘whole’ area to give you a more realistic assessment of the place. So, check out our video and subscribe with our channel!

Indeed, slides are quite common these days, but this resort does one thing that most other pools do not.. Time for another experience!


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