Consumer Video: The Top 10 Footwear Brands?

So what brand of shoes do you prefer? Like, the shoes you usually wear, you know — what brand is it? Well, that should be the basis of a ‘top footwear brand’.

Yeah, more than just prominence, popularity, profitability, and influence on competitors — ‘customer satisfaction’ or preference should be the ‘real’ basis for a top brand. After all, products are not meant to be displayed but ‘used’. And, and you can’t categorize sales merely on dollars — but should be on a per pair of shoe thing.

Anyway, here was last year or 2015’s Top Footwear Brands..

See? Being a top brand can’t just be about gross sales, or shoe price and stuff. Remember, there are pricing differences, so the totals would be misleading. And in this case, how many of these shoe brands do you actually recognize? Seriously.

In this part of the world, numbers 7 to 9 are not really known by the majority. Steve Madden. Dr. Martens. Aldo. On the other hand, New Balance seems to always be on sale here. Really. Like it subtly says that the company is struggling or something, huh!

And while Puma SE is kinda limited to our soccer audience.. Okay, and some running, too; Vans is actually gaining ground.

Vans: Slowly threatening Converse niche
Vans: Slowly threatening Converse niche

But as for the Top 4 brands, well, that’s more or less accurate. This is a basketball-loving country so, the top brands would certainly have something to do with the sport. Otherwise, the footwear should be easy on the feet as well as on the pocket.

Interesting though is the exclusion of Timberland and local brands like Accel from the honorable mention. Oh well, the survey is not about the Philippines, however, we’re givin’ you some idea ’bout it.



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