Consumer Videos: What’s Inside these Balls?

Hmm… Sometimes you’d think that “What’s Inside” YouTube channel is kinda nuts, you know, they sort of slice or open just about anything that seems..


Well, though curiosity is good, people are actually enticed more for the host’s adventurous notion of cutting just about anything and everything — yeah, many times, more than even knowing what’s really inside that something! Hah! But t’is one could be educational.

Let’s now check out “what’s inside” some of the most common balls..

Though most of us already knows what’s inside a basketball — this video ‘interestingly’ garnered more than 3 million views! Really.

Inside a soccer ball is just rubber and some nest-like intertwined yarn. Not surprising. From the outside, it’s still kinda soft like our next ball..

So it’s just inflated rubber — much like those of tires but much softer, of course. Yeah, we’re speaking about a volleyball here.

Oh, just like a volleyball and basketball — a rugby ball got an inflated rubber-like inner lining, like tires. And it’s pretty soft, eh?!

It’s a tennis ball this time — and well, it’s just rubber but a little more compact t’is why it’s a bit hard. No wonder it hurts when you get hit!

Now this really hurts. A baseball. That’s why catchers wear those face guards or masks when playing the game — looks like there’s even another ball inside it, like a golf ball..

Yet what are the chances of getting hit by a golf ball? Oh, what’s with the ‘pink’? Even a baseball got that pink stuff inside but t’is harder.

Speaking of hard, just got to use a machine now to cut open a billiard ball. Obviously a real hard one. And looks like some ivory inside, ey!

Just like a billiard ball though bigger is the bowling ball. Wow, tough!

And the field hockey ball? Know, the danger there was when they changed their blade — that’s why the ball got ‘swallowed’ by the machine. Notice the slow mo? It’s just another tough one, huh!

Then again, t’is not only tough but hard — real hard as in iron! Yeah, a shot put ball! The ball is just so hard that it’s so hot, bubbly and the blades got damaged.. yep, 2 of them. So, don’t try these at home.

For a while, thought they were just gonna melt it instead. But hey, t’is “What’s Inside”! So, a hammer and chisel should do the trick.

Anyway, more than being amused, hope you learned a thing or two!


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