Music Review: Cheap Thrills (Sia ft. Sean Paul and Maggie Ziegler)

After seeing the controversial team-up of Australian singer Sia and American dancer Maggie Ziegler in Elastic Heart, and then Chandelier — we thought, hey, Maggie is for real! She was then just what 11, 12 but what wonderful acting?!!

And so, the team-up continues.. Sia’s song. Maggie’s expressiveness. Unbelievable combination! No wonder Sia’s Cheap Thrills has now climbed up to number 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for this week — so, let’s check out their masterpiece.

Hmm… Very Sia-Maggie. Great melody. And the lyrics? It’s even just about the ‘cheap thrills’ of dancing — yep, the wordings are simply repetitive and almost like nonsense. Then again, with the fantastic dancing of Maggie coupled with a cool setting — the lyrics don’t really matter anymore, only the melody.

And that’s worth over 134 million YouTube views, and counting..


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