Consumer Video: AGT, Reality Show gone Wrong?

Do you like reality shows? Well, what’s nice about it is that you see things as it happens — no editing. Then again, though it’s fun seeing contestants do their stuff as how they have planned them — it could also get pretty scary if things go wrong.

Yes, just like what happened in the quarterfinal stunt of Ryan Stock and AmberLynn in America’s Got Talent with the misfiring of the flaming arrow. Let’s watch this..

First, me thinks Ryan wasn’t hit in the neck but somewhere near the collar bone. But since it was a flaming arrow, the actual spot couldn’t really be determined. Ryan could even say he got hit in his Adam’s apple and people would just believe.

Now the point here is more than about where Ryan got hit — but don’t you think dangerous stunts should be prohibited? At least on TV, you know, as it could influence viewers even more. See, people nowadays are getting moooore reckless that they’d try just about anything for fun, or prove that they are somethin’.

The flame just makes it appear 'in the neck'
The flame just makes the ‘hit’ appear ‘in the neck’

This could be bad for kids, especially.

And t’is not about hindering creativity. Nor planting fear in their hearts. It’s about teaching them and everyone else to appreciate life without being ‘stupidly’ adventurous. Seriously. Equipment malfunction is one thing; years later, it could be something like — ‘The Purge’?? Hey, just look at the shooting in Dallas — and in many other places worldwide!


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