Movie Review: The Shallows (2016)

It is said to be the Jaws of the New Generation; and we’re talking of no other than ‘The Shallows’ — a thriller about a young woman surfing on a secluded beach — yep, stranded; and finding herself ‘attacked’ by a great white shark.

Know what? There are just obviously 2 reasons why movie-goers would watch this film. One, they bite into the thrill of being attacked by a shark. Or two, the lead role involves a pretty woman.

Hmm… The movie is more of story-telling rather than character building. The plot is kinda old, you know. Shark attacks. Still, it’d be good to see the film if more than just for those 2 reasons above — and that is to really learn more about ‘shark attacks’.

But what have you? Most are actually myths.

Great white sharks don't attack humans but seals
Great white sharks don’t prey on humans but seals!

Okay, shark attacks normally occur in shallow waters. Why? Because it’s where their preys are. No, not humans — but basically seals. Sharks have poor vision, so from afar, we look like seals to them. Thus, they take an exploratory bite.

However, once they realize that we are not their normal food as in fishes and seals, they actually let go. Then again, this is a film — so the story tries to keep viewers glued by making sharks ‘love’ to kill as many humans as they like. And mind you, we can’t really hide from sharks through jellyfishes! Hey, sharks got tough skin, they won’t be harmed by jellyfishes except in their eyes. But that’s only for a few of them since most sharks have tough membranes as well.

The bouy is a safer bet. This was something that Nancy (Blake Lively) could have gotten to while the shark was attacking other surfers — well, if only for surviving in the story. Otherwise, should trap the shark amongst the rocks, look for a crevice. Yeah, t’was good to have used the chain of the bouy — but that was way too long before it happened. Like just simply a means to extend the story.

Bouy: Your safer bet
Bouy: Your safer bet

Lessons. Don’t go to the sea alone. Don’t wear brightly colored swim attires — you’ll look like bright-colored fishes to the shark. Don’t swim early morning or late afternoon — it’s when sharks feed. Make sure you’re not bleeding as in your wound. And guess what? Swim during the hottest parts of the day. Yikes!


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