Consumer Video: Healthy Late Night Snack Ideas

Okay, it’s getting a little too late again and some of you might still be awake.. So, is there a battle inside your tummy? Hah! Perhaps many of those awake are feelin’ this. Then again, should we just munch on anything we set our sights on? Uh no.. More than just watching your weight, watch your health!

And so we checked out one of the more popular videos on ‘healthy’ late night snack ideas, and here goes..

Ow, are eggs ‘at night’ healthy?? Never heard of such especially with using butter to cook. Ugh, imagine the cholesterol! The clogging of your arteries! Absolutely not good.

Well, at least that’s probably the only questionable ‘healthy’ late night snack idea on this one..


A couple others like salsa and pickles are basically known as like one ingredient are quite good. Pickles are from cucumber while Salsa is from tomatoes. So can’t go wrong with those.

Granola with Olive milk and berries on top

But especially loved the two other ideas. Guacamole. And the Granola. Real healthy indeed — even if only for knowing that it IS healthy since not everyone has all those ingredients inside their fridge at this very moment. Ohh, so back to fried eggs??

How ’bout goin’ to sleep? That’s healthier. Work on ’em tomorrow..


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