K-Drama Review: Descendants of the Sun (2016)

One of the most highly acclaimed Korean dramas this year is the Descendants of the Sun which garnered an average viewership of about 28% and just about ranking first in almost every episode aired in Seoul. The drama which stars Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo had its initial airing last February 24 has even produced 3 special episodes due to its popularity.

The Cast
The Cast

Its supposedly final episode last April 14 got its rating skyrocketing to 40% — thus, justifying its extension. Well, let’s check it out..

Hmm… The plot is actually interesting as it gets. A soldier. A doctor. The former ‘kills’ to preserve order and protect his nation. The latter saves lives no matter what the circumstances are. Both full time professions — always ‘on call’ and occupies most of their waking — in some cases, even sleeping hours. So, is there a chance for them to ‘truly’ fall for each other — and much more, hold on till the end?

Pretty annoying situation, eh?!? 0816 descendants-of-the-sun2-800x450

So then, how could a relationship even survive without much time for each other? If only for destiny, well, that’s it. And it’s just what makes viewers more interested on the “what’s next?”; then again..

While the initial goings were cool especially with the secrets of Song Joong Ki (soldier) — that were eventually found by Song Hye Gyo (doctor) in his disappearing acts due to missions critical to the country’s stability — the never-ending ’emergencies’ in the story kinda gets under your skin. Seriously.

Sometimes, more than the excitement it brings.

Song Joong Ki (L) and Song Hye Gyo (R)
Song Joong Ki (L) and Song Hye Gyo (R)

Right, we’re talking about the events when they were ‘transported’ to Uruk — a fictional war-torn country — where both soldier and doctor finally had time to see each other more often but on a ‘duty’ level. Ugh! On the good side though, this showed their commitment to their profession while testing if such relationship could work out.

Anyway, the filming location was great as it was partially shot in Greece among others; but adding 3 additional episodes became a drag to the drama’s impact with its intensity obviously fading. 0816 abandoned island

Oh, just didn’t like the villain so much, you know it’s like he’s overacting or something — yes, like the two male doctors that were also at Uruk. However, the lead characters really did justice to their roles; and the choice of music was just wonderful, it’d give you those *sighing moments..

Yeah, that this drama even became highly anticipated outside Korea — and exported to 32 countries including the Philippines where it has already been airing since July 25. Hmm…


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