Movie Review: Suicide Squad (2016)

From the start of the film, you know that it’s gonna be kinda violent — yeah, obviously with the title itself. Suicide Squad. Yet this film did really well at the box office fetching US$485M so far, that’s almost triple its budget of $175M. Wow!

So, notice that this movie was really something like a branching out of superheroes? See it starts out with the thought on the aftermath of Superman’s death in ‘Batman v Superman’ — that made Amanda Waller, an intelligence operative, assemble Task Force X which were composed of dangerous criminals.

The contention. What if these ‘criminals’ can’t be controlled?

The Super Villains
The Super Villains

Waller’s reason. What if the next Superman didn’t share our values!? And so, as we anticipated, technology plays big in terms of control.

Understandably, while the film looks kinda dirty — I mean, literally — with the dimness and all those ‘trash’, setting, costumes and makeup of the super villains; they could have improved on the effects like that of The Enchantress. Too much of a ‘spirit’ thing being shown?!

Then again, with its box office success, seems it doesn’t really matter to many. Besides, the new generation likes films that are kinda off. In this case, a different collection of heroic characters. Bad guys tasked to save the ‘world’. In short, to eliminate killers, hire killers! Then you won’t waste the ‘good’ guys. Makes sense?

Anyway, what about the characters?

Margot Robbie a.k.a. Suicide Squad
Margot Robbie a.k.a. Suicide Squad

One. Tho Margot Robbie did well as Harley Quinn in acting freakish, she’s just almost like a trophy in the movie. Ya know, to keep the male species awake. Seriously. Her role was pretty useless even as Joker’s partner that the production tried to salvage her part through her last act wherein she’d take the heart of The Enchantress.

Two. It’s not really good to see heroes like Batman or the Flash doing cameo roles in badass films like this one. Yes. One’s stance on this, on whether one supports such only shows where his values really are. And at a time like this when many parts of the world are confused, t’is simply not a good way to challenge right principles..

Especially when ‘weakness can be leveraged’.


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