Movie Review: The Curse of Sleeping Beauty (2016)

Okay, here is another twist to a fairy tale many of us love — The Curse of Sleeping Beauty. Yup, the setting is of the modern day and so, anything goes! And in this case, the movie aligns itself with schemes far evil than the fairy tale, obviously — like Maleficent, Snow White and the Huntsman among others.

Then again, if only for facts, these masterpieces by the Brothers Grimm were kinda written to actually ‘scare’ children to sleep — somehow. And t’was just toned down in modern times for bedtime stories, educational purposes and child-friendly movies as well.


Now, producers are trying to bring back what the Brothers Grimm really stood for. Oh, the bad?? Scaring kids? Confusing, ey! And poor Disney princesses, their character has always been used in movies with evil themes lately.

Is it good? Only for the producers bank account. The-Curse-of-Sleeping-Beauty-Movie-2016

See, no matter the original manuscript, such fairy tales we grew up with.. And made into movies should not ‘adulterate’ especially those minds who have just heard of these characters. The good should still and should always be promoted — well, not that these films are promoting the bad; but evil just seems to be taking center stage.

Anyway, the movie in fact looked like a regular thriller — what with those basement warnings and creepy stuff in there. Yet really, those mannequins does not look scary at all. And truthfully, one would already know the story even before it happened. So, this 89 minutes of screen time was just like 5, 10 minutes of the actual story. Ugh! CURSESLEEPINGTEO2

The worse part was the ending — you’re just left hanging. Yeah, like suddenly cut off! Hey, if they had the intention of making a sequel, this is not the way to end it. There was just no follow through for the movie-goers’ curiosity.

Okay, the end. Till next time!


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