Consumer Video: 10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets – Part 1

The kitchen is always where the action is — no matter what — after all, we all need to eat. And so, wouldn’t it be great to get whatever help we could to make life a bit easier for us in the most crucial part of our home? Yeah, like kitchen gadgets!

So now, the first of our series.. Well, and a never-ending one, really.

Hmm… Not all 10 gadgets shown in this video is actually cool. In fact, only 3 of them are. Com’ on, let’s then classify them all..

Poor. The dipr. This product is pretty OA. Do you actually need a special product just for dipping cookies?? Sad to say but it’s not that important at all. Another simple (and unfortunately, unnecessary) kitchen gadgets is the drop, a kitchen scale and app for baking and stuff. The porthole which allows people to create cocktails, oils, teas, drinks, dressings, sauces — like mixing them in one container is almost ‘useless’. It’s just an expense that would clutter your kitchen! Meanwhile, the neo is quite similar to the ‘drop’ — for measuring food but this one is a jar, so??

COOL: The Tweak
COOL: The Tweak

Average. The pizza scissors looks cool but the cut it does is kinda small, so unless you are in a diet or you don’t like pizza that much then you might rate this tool real high. Next is the 6-way opener. Yeah, it opens cans, bottles and alike but I personally find it a poor ‘imitation’ of a multi-functional tool. Looking closely, this product is not urgent as finding tools is simply a matter of being organized. Then we have the meld knob. Okay, the temperature controlling feature is good — for precise cooking and safety. But hey, we could live without it since we could monitor the oven on our own.

COOL: The Trongs
COOL: The Trongs

Cool. Almost always, we can’t just avoid holding or cutting food — and many times, without getting our fingers greasy. So, having a gadget like the trongs is quite a relief. Next, whether you have experienced or have just seen some leftovers or morsels on the sink’s strainer — the tweak would only show how necessary it is. Being easy to hold and utilize, you can now easily say goodbye to your strained filthy food scraps. *Sigh..

COOL: The RMDLO colander
COOL: The RMDLO colander

And finally, here’s one really amazing kitchen gadget — the RMDLO colander! Talk about its uses and how easily we could store this colander, wow! It’ll just blow our minds off! Really!

Our only concern here would be its blades. Like when you fold ’em or use it.. What are the chances of us getting cut? Huh?


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