In Pictures: Aqua Cainta Resort (Talisay City, Cebu)

Our featured resort for today, unfortunately, is one with a couple of glaring issues. First, the road to the resort is kinda right and rocky. Then, the pool is a bit small — one of the smallest, if not the smallest of the pools on the resorts we have visited actually.

And we’re talking about none other than — Aqua Cainta Resort.

24 road 2
The path is just too narrow
18 road
This is just a one-way road
16 entrance gate
The Entrance

The resort is located deep into Talisay City, so it’d be better to take a private vehicle with you — especially with the stuff you’re bringing.aqua cainta map

13 parking area 2

Since we were one of those who didn’t want to go through another narrow road, we parked at where it was a little wide. Hah!

17 parking gate
Gate of the parking area

11 parking area 1

Further down the narrow road though is their ‘actual’ parking area.

The waiting area
The waiting area
The slipper drums
The slipper drums

Still, that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy your getaway at the resort. Yep, once you get to see the water, you might well forget the narrow road and the small pool — and just get excited to take a dip!

1 profile photo
The main pool
3 other pool
The supplementary or the kids’ pool
Just some of the cottages
Just some of the cottages which costs P250 each

And if you want to stay for the night, like most resorts — they got rooms of course, and starting at P1,000 for 2 people. Not bad.

4 to accommodations
The inside path to the rooms and the parking area

5 accommodation 1 6 accommodation 2

By the way, here are the other fees for Aqua Cainta..

9 rule 1

Hey, don’t get us wrong. Despite the limitations, there are still many who comes over here — since it’s near and affordable. Try it!


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