Movie Review: Love Forecast (2015, Korean)

Okay, this Korean movie was actually released last year yet still, not everyone has heard about it — especially since it’s not from Hollywood. But that didn’t prevent Love Forecast into becoming a hit in Korea, of course; and thus extending to social media as well. So, here we are talking about it.. Yeah!

The Synopsis. It’s a story of childhood friends who grew up and have known each other for 18 years. The girl, Kim Hyun-woo (Moon Chae-won), became a weather reporter known for her beauty and elegance on television; but off-screen, her life is a little tricky. Meanwhile, the guy, Kang Joon-soo (Lee Seung-gi), turned out as a mild-mannered elementary school teacher who gives too much of himself in his relationships but always ends up getting dumped.

Moon Chae-won and Lee Seung-gi
Moon Chae-won and Lee Seung-gi

While Joon-soo secretly loved Hyun-woo all those years, she never really had any romantic feelings for him instead falling for a married colleague in Lee Dong-jin (Lee Seo-jin) — then after the breakup, she dates with nice but boring photographer Hyo-bong (Jung Joon-young).

Eventually, you know what would happen next.

Many romantic movies goes the same route actually, wherever the origin — they wind up with each other. Then again, this film is a ‘little modern’ to what we normally see from Korean dramas — so, fanatics could be a bit surprised when the pair loses control of themselves and ends up in ‘you know where’ — tho it won’t be literally shown.

53725-288366While it may not be a big deal to many in today’s world, it still is to conservatives. To those who really value commitment and not just simply enjoying the moment. After all, not everything fun is good. But what’s truly fulfilling is when you know that you have really preserved yourself for ‘the one’.

Uhm, the story is pretty common. And acting in romantic comedies does not require much depth, so there’s not much to say about it unless it’s totally awful. Would we recommend it?

Well personally, I watched this movie because I admire the stars for their wholesome image — not to mention the great fashion sense of Moon Chae-won, the female lead. Girls could certainly pick up a lot of styling ideas in the way Chae-won dresses up and carries herself.



If only for that — then watch this. There’s so much more, you’ll see.


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