Movie Review: The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

The highest grossing non-Disney original animated film of 2016 and currently with $726 million at the box office worldwide, The Secret Life of Pets is in short — just cute! From the 3D computer-animation to the story line to the film’s strong voice cast.

Uhm, though we didn’t like the choice of a shaggy mongrel so much.

The Cast
The Cast

Anyway, the story is said to be of what our pets do when we all leave for work or school, but the production did a good job in making a cute story out of it. Yeah, not just about lying on the couch or porch, or roaming around and messing up — but giving ’em a social life, so..

So, is this the typical ‘when the cat is away, the mouse will play’ sort of thing? But guess not so much with Max. He’s just pretty loyal and attached to his master that other ‘activities’ doesn’t really interest him unlike other pets who messes up just about everything.

secret-life-pets-a-800Animal language is like a ‘guessing game’ though. Like how would you confirm of a jealousy between pets or more so, dogs? What, rival pets just try to get your attention?? Yep, and animation makes it kinda funny. Though clearly, the film was carried by Snowball and Gidget. The antics. The spunk. The spirit. Just adorable!

Anyhow, there are those who compares this movie with ‘Toy Story’, hmm.. well in essence, yeah they’re quite the same — master and pet, or toy. Then again, toys don’t really breathe, so in a way, pets are more realistic. And so is this movie — as friendships do exist in pets!


Of course, the connivance of different animals is already fantasy. Yet simple as it is, the movie is definitely warm and entertaining.

Oh, can’t wait for the sequel!


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