Movie Review: Mechanic – Resurrection (2016)

Well, how else can you resurrect a hired gun — or anyone for that matter — but leverage his weakness! In the case of Mechanic Resurrection, or like most of the movies’ said ‘good’ guys — it’s using either their family or their girl as ‘bait’. Anyway, the film starts in a boring way that almost made us quit watching if not for the change of scenery.

And wow, just how beautiful Thailand can be?! Not to say that Brazil is not but we all know just how cool Thai beaches are, ya’ know!

And so, we guessed it right. As others would also put it, the film was just something like an exotic working vacation. How many countries did they shoot in? Six? Brazil, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Bulgaria and Cambodia.

Beautiful Thailand
Beautiful Thailand

Even for the traveling, this movie is still very dry. The acting. Just lacks passion and intensity. Sadly, the producers just used the body of Jessica Alba to sell the movie — but instead, it didn’t really do good to Jessica as well as she became somethin’ like a trophy again; when she already had strong characters (Fantastic Four, Machete among others) where she’d really fight against the villains.

Jason Statham and Jessica Alba
Jason Statham and Jessica Alba

Meanwhile, the rest of the cast is pretty weak, too. Tommy Lee Jones. Michelle Yeoh. Sorry to say this but they’re ‘has-beens’. And in this film, Michelle’s character is almost useless; while Tommy Lee’s performance is kinda ‘so-so’.. Just lacks conviction.

While the stunt on one of Australia’s skyscraper with the pool is cool, one of the more noticeable flaws that made us *sigh happened just about 14 minutes into the film. How could Jessica Alba suddenly become unconscious when she appeared perfectly fine and even talking with Statham right after beating up the guy in the boat??

The skyscraper swimming pool scene
The skyscraper swimming pool scene

Yep, also ‘analyzing’ the escape of Arthur Bishop (Statham) after the ship’s explosion was anticlimactic. Sorry.

Yeah, and notice that Mechanic Resurrection is quite similar to action-romance-comedy film ‘Mr. Right’ that starred Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick? From the ‘plucking out of retirement’ to ‘using the lover as bait’ to ‘getting back at the mastermind’. Well, both were rather poorly done.

Incidentally, Mechanic Resurrection had a budget of $40 million but is currently just $20.6M at the box office. So, see?


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