2016 Volleyball Asian Women’s Club (Laguna, Philippines)

Do you like volleyball? Well, it may not be as popular as basketball especially in the Philippines but it is certainly gaining ground the world over — including here — as the 2016 Volleyball Asian Women’s Club is currently held at Laguna’s Alonte Sports Arena.

The tournament actually began last September 3 with teams from 12 different countries battling for supremacy. The participating teams may not be their country’s national team as these are just representatives (with just sprinklings of national players so to say) from their commercial leagues but just the same — it’s pretty competitive and fun to watch.

Thailand's Bangkok Glass
Thailand’s Bangkok Glass (Nat’l Team World Ranking: 14)

Anyway, the elimination games has just ended and the Quarterfinals is about to begin this Friday, 9 September — with the Finals to be concluded on Sunday, 11 September.

QUARTERFINAL MATCHUP (Friday, 9 September)

JAPAN NEC Red Rockets v TAIWAN T. Grand
THAILAND Bangkok Glass v VIETNAM Lien Viet Post Bank
CHINA Bayi Shenzhen v PHILIPPINES Foton Pilipinas
KAZAKHSTAN Altay Oskemen v IRAN Sarmayeh Bank


While Japan and Thailand could easily beat their opponents — the match between China and the Philippines could be a toss-up. Really. However, Foton needs to play their best volleyball to pull this one through. Yes, China maybe number 1 in the world but the lineup for Bayi Shenzhen is pretty vulnerable with their inconsistency, and that could give the Filipinas a ray of hope.

Japan's NEC Red Rockets
Japan’s NEC Red Rockets (Nat’l Team World Ranking: 6)

However, the match to really look forward to would be the potential Semifinal meeting between Japan and Thailand this Saturday, 10 September. This we would say should have been the Finals matchup — since whoever wins between Japan and Thailand would most likely beat China’s inconsistency, unless..


For local fans wishing for players like Alyssa Valdez and Kim Fajardo among others to have played — and citing ‘palakasan’ (favoritism) as the culprit. You ‘may’ have a point because for one, why was Aby Maraño of F2 Logistics allowed to play for Foton anyway? Hmm… Just something we don’t know.

Foton Pilipinas
Foton Pilipinas (Nat’l Team World Ranking: 79)

Still, whether it’s F2 Logistics who represented the country or, Foton included Valdez and Fajardo would not really make much difference. The Philippines is still not on that level yet. Yes, this is just something fans should accept — and the volleyball organization to improve on as well. This means not just joining more competitions but enhancing the volleybelles training — strength and speed.

To really move forward — remember the purpose.


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