In Pictures: Celosia Flower Farm (Sirao, Cebu City)

Well, this was actually our second visit to Sirao Garden this 2016. The first one was last April when Celosias were ‘not in bloom’ yet. Since then, there has been changes as you will notice in our April video below.

Hmm… Of course, blooming does not really count as it’s a given; but the landscaping has been reshaped as some features were removed while others were added — including an entrance kiosk of sorts and those umbrellas, but let’s first check out the road to Sirao..

Barangay Sirao
Can’t get lost
Parking costs P20 but it’s tough to find a spot on weekends
No problem if you get hungry, you’re in the wild with everything fresh
The new entrance


An entrance fee of P25 per head is normally asked during the bloom; and mainly because it’s when people flock Sirao for picture taking.

zz6-landscape-1 zz7-landscape-2 zz8-landscape-3 zz9-landscape-4 zz10-landscape-5

But first, notice the difference in landscaping from last time around?



zz15-bloom-5 zz16-bloom-6

The flowers are real lovely. And if only many aren’t withered, picture taking would be a breeze as ‘pic spots’ wouldn’t be that hard to find.

zz21-bald-spot-1 zz22-bald-spot-2

Unfortunately, there are even ‘bald spots’ in the garden. This makes even less flowers. So, only a relative few could be picture-worthy.

zz17-overlooking-1 zz18-overlooking-2

Good thing there’s a nice overlooking view that visitors could also engage themselves in. Still, just hope they could fix the ‘bloom’.


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