2016 Volleyball Asian Women’s Club: Japan Wins the Tourney

As we predicted, Japan’s NEC Red Rockets would win over Ba’yi Shenzhen of China — but at 3-0!? Yeah, tho we favored Japan to win, surprisingly China was just clobbered in the game.

Okay, the scores may be close (25-23, 25-19, 25-21) but NEC was really in control the whole time — save for the 3rd set when China raced to a 7 point lead at the start; but which Japan caught up.

NEC Red Rockets blasted their way to the title
NEC Red Rockets blasted their way to the title

In this title match, Ba’yi Shenzhen was not really able to utilize their height as the Red Rockets just often found the seams to the floor in their attacks. However, while a YouTube commentator said ‘t’is not about power but finding the floor’; we say, this is only true if you have the speed and good floor defense for return plays — like Japan!


Still, in the end, you’d need some sort of ‘power’ or strength to score as well. Can’t be all defense. Otherwise, you only delayed your loss.

And unfortunately, China didn’t have that defense, too. There was just a gaping hole at the back while their spikers — #5 Liu lacks focus and #1 Wang lacks mobility, she is just a bit stiff. Japan, meanwhile had a small but fiery spiker in #15 Yanagita; a sneaky attacker in #6 Oumi; and a stabilizing force in #2 Koga. So, the championship!


In the earlier match, Bangkok Glass rallied from 2 sets down to beat Altay Oskemen of Kazakhstan, 3-2 and take third place.


During the game, the Thais were kinda like sluggish in the first 2 sets as they fell behind, 0-2 to the Kazakhs. Demoralized in yesterday’s semifinal match? Perhaps. Told ya’, that semifinal against Japan was really the title match of the tournament.

Anyway, the turning point of the game was when #10 Jutarat was replaced with #1 Maliwan as she combined with #5 Pleumjit (who isn’t really a high leaper nor a powerful attacker but is especially good in quick plays) and #16 Frazier to rampage into Third Place.

What’s next? The 2016 Women’s Club World Championships in Manila from October 18 to 23. Must be exciting! Till then!


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