Movie Review: Don’t Breathe (2016)

Again, another film with wrong values being sort of glorified as three Detroit delinquents make a living by breaking into homes. In short, these are thieves we are talking about — where justifying a wrong in return for someone else’s wrong is..

Okay, while the blind man (Stephen Lang a.k.a. Norman Nordstrom) whom they’ll rob has something like a ‘hostage’ — who incidentally carries his child — stealing is still not good. fd138a2ba-1

Hmm… See what happened? 2 of them died. One survived for the wrong of the blind man. Well, the producers themselves may not have even realized it when they covered the story, but things like this.. You know what it’s called? Karma.

Because Norman abducted a woman, his deed came back to him in the form of a house break-in. Again, this doesn’t justify the breaking in just because of the abduction. In the first place, the three thieves didn’t know about it. Second. Their objective was really to steal.

So, have you ever wondered why thieves always break-in through windows or doors? At least in films, you know. Couldn’t producers be a little more creative in this area? Then again, on the ‘creative’ side though, the plot is good as it used a ‘blind’ man as a supposed victim.

With just the thought of going up against a ‘blind’ man alone, yet being locked up in the house.. Thrill-seeking movie-goers would be pleased with the film despite the limited dialogue. T’was perfectly conceptualized and executed except for a couple of flaws..

Daniel Zovatto (Money), Jane Levy (Rocky) and Dylan Minnette (Alex)
The Thieves: Daniel Zovatto (Money), Jane Levy (Rocky) and Dylan Minnette (Alex)

One. Shooting the door lock was the dumbest mistake a thief could make. Didn’t he realize the noise it would produce?? Unless we’re watching ‘Home Alone’, then thieves are supposed to be careful and with everything mapped out — including counter measures.

Two. Why wasn’t the tape removed from the mouth of the abducted girl when she was freed? Just doesn’t make sense.

Three. To be able to catch up with Rocky (Jane Levy) who’s in the car (battling against the dog) after escaping is already pretty far for a ‘blind’ guy. Isn’t it just a little too much for his senses?

Well, obviously as they say, ‘when you lose your sense of sight, your other senses strengthen’. Kinda reminds us of Daredevil, huh?! If Norman is just as trained as Daredevil, then there should be some scenes that shows his past on this.

Stephen Lang
Blind man, Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang)

Definitely what makes the film suspenseful is because although the man is blind, it’s his house — so he is aware or he perfectly knows the in and outs of the house — to his advantage and to the distraught of the thieves. Not to mention the addition of the fierce dog who gives Norman even more advantage as he’d not only know where they are but have an ‘extra hand’ in overcoming the intruders.

In the end, we again confirm that while the blind has strong senses — his weakness lies in that strength as well. The sense of hearing is just too sensitive for the blind, so..

That’s one area where the sequel should find creativity in.


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