Movie Review: Pete’s Dragon (2016)

Nothing is more traumatic than losing one’s parents; and that’s what happened to Pete, when as a 5-year-old kid he was orphaned in a car accident — and so he ended up growing in the woods.

Yeah, after losing both parents, you could just imagine how scared Pete was, that he would cling to just about anyone or anything that could save him or give him hope!

In comes, Elliot, the dragon. And so our journey begins.

Having been raised by a dragon, and without any ‘sight’ of humans — Pete must have forgotten how to speak or to get along with people. Ah well, this is fantasy. The dragon alone says it. Still, this is like a mix of Tarzan, The Jungle Book and.. the controversial thing. Loch Ness.

In this world, there would always be an angel(s) for you

While Tarzan and The Jungle Book are basically stories made into movies, Loch Ness is ‘reality’. A controversial one though and an unproven one for that matter. Anyway, we are not here to discuss about the Loch Ness monster, although we could slightly go through Tarzan and The Jungle Book since this movie is a fantasy one in the first place.

Then again, why is it always about a boy being orphaned in the woods — and being raised by animals? This just tells us somethin’, huh? That animals are ‘better’ than humans?? Makes sense.

Just look at the souls of Tarzan and Mowgli. Pure. Just like Pete.

Sometimes ‘running away’  is the best and only way to escape human cruelty

Now look when the said ‘civilized’ people intrudes into their world. Things just messes up. Right? Why is this? Greed and selfishness more than curiosity. And this is when ‘pure souls’ like Pete would not really be able to understand humans. They’d just end up getting exploited and hurt.

While the movie is heart-warming, there’s one big question though..

How come Pete could still speak ‘human’ language when it’s been six years since he was ‘removed’ from civilization — and at a very young age of 5?! He’d just be speaking ‘dragon’ language, at least, right?

This dragon is square and furry

And uhm, do you like how the dragon has been ‘digitalized’? I mean, Elliot is real ‘square’ and furry. Like Norm of the North. Look at the jaw. And he almost looks like a cow. Oh! Of course, Norm’s a bear — while Elliot is a dragon. Bears are definitely not square. Dragons? They could be just about anything you could imagine with wings and breathes fire — but not that green. At least that’s how we grew up with. Haha! But Elliot’s sweet. And that’s what matters here.


In the end, no matter how cruel the world could become — only good relationships remain. And that’s the only thing worth keeping.


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