Movie Review: Train to Busan (2016)

While there are those who would compare this film to ‘World War Z’, the movie that came to our minds was ‘Resident Evil’. The zombies. The infecting..

Anyway, even the trailer was good. Yeah, the presentation and stuff — just like a major Hollywood production! From the breaking up of the scenes to the texts on the board, it’s real ‘cool’! Indeed, it really gives you that urge to watch the film. So, let’s take a look.

Wow, have you seen this movie? Not yet? Yes? Well, you know what really makes this movie exciting? The zombies themselves.

Oh, not because they are zombies; but because they are a different breed compared to what we normally see, even those made from Hollywood. How come? They are faaaaast — with a capital ‘F’!

Okay, some of the make ups may not be perfect (as some are just too pale, you know, the blood) but since the pace is fast, not many would really notice it. Except for the old lady’s zombie acting, she should have been a little ‘fiercer’. However, what’s quite noticeable though is the pregnant lady’s prosthetics. It kinda becomes ‘square’ when she runs, or gets up and down something ‘steep’. Like the train’s steps and stuff. They could have tightened the binds a bit.

The Cast from left: Kim Soo-Ahn (kid), Gong Yoo (dad), Ma Dong-Seok (husband), Jung Yu-mi (pregnant lady), Sohee (girlfriend), and Choi Woo-shik (baseball guy)

Also, could a pregnant woman actually get up and crawl on the side of a train’s baggage area?? Seriously. Then get down also?

Can’t really classify this as a horror movie, or even suspense. They were all locked up in a train, and so you’d know that with zombies on board, passengers are bound to die and you know how. It’s a matter of who, and so it’s a thriller — as even most of the lead characters, didn’t make it; which is actually what makes the movie great.

Kim Ui-Seong (C), the cause of many deaths
Kim Ui-Seong (C), the selfish COO

Nahh, of course we want those good guys to survive. But since t’is a film, doing so makes it predictable. In most films of such kind, you see, the main characters do survive — yet in an obvious manner. So, this film is cool! However, if only the production thought of a more creative way for even Gong Yoo (main actor) to survive then that would have made the film even better.

We liked the idea that zombies can’t see in the dark as well. They’re zombies, supposedly ‘dark-based’, so why can’t they see in the dark? That’s unique. It gives the ‘living’ time to maneuver and survive. And yeah, these zombies doesn’t even know how to open doors eh. These things only shows that once ‘dead’, they become ‘brain-dead’. Haha!

Human nature in crisis
Human nature in crisis

Just wished one thing. They could have also shown exactly how the ‘disease’ spread. Not just a deer coming back to life, or a phone call from Gong Yoo’s colleague telling him that it started from their plant. There should be something more concrete. Even a scene for it.

In the end, the movie was a nice depiction of human nature in crisis.



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