The Plight of Aznar Beach Resort (Talisay City, Cebu)

For those of you who have not heard of Aznar Beach Resort, well, it’s just located on the coastal area of Talisay — around 12 kilometers from Cebu City.

But sadly, t’is just one of those places that really needs improvement even more than the one we saw in Minglanilla — which is at least a private property. But this one? It’s said to be a beach resort, so..

Getting to Aznar Beach Resort
Getting to Aznar Beach Resort

Something just has to be done.

Nahh. Can’t do anything ’bout the sand. If it ain’t white, it ain’t white. But what the beach owner could do is improve the ‘landscaping’ of sorts. It’s just kinda tight and disorganized. Cottages are too close. Vendors are just about everywhere. Their kiosks that is; making the place look quite ‘dirty’. And ’em fences needs to be replaced.

Yeah, those are just the obvious. Perhaps you could even see more.
Okay, the beach is catered for the masses but still, there should be some sort ‘beautification’, you know. Hey, with its current status, ‘sanitation’ might as well becomes a question!

If only you want to save, or perhaps just for the experience of it..

Yeah, you could try Aznar — it’s still a beach.


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