Cocktail: How to Make a Bloody Mary

One of the more popular cocktail drinks is the Bloody Mary. Yeah, most of us must have already heard ’bout it as it’s basically made of ‘tomatoes’ that’s why the color and the name. But aside from that, what else?

Okay, there’s actually a million variations to this drink; though in this feature, we’d like to present to you the simplest form of Bloody Mary which you could even make at home..


Nevermind the history. It’s disputed anyway. What we want here is to enjoy the cocktail. So, again the simplest of ingredients: hot sauce, fresh black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, salt, fresh horse radish.. then Vodka, 2 oz. tomato juice plus ice.

Well, you’re probably using most of the ingredients at home so, no problem except for the Vodka (you could also use Tequila though); then again, gotta invest in somethin’ even for just trying something cool and well-renown — that you might as well share with friends and associates paying you a visit. Yes!

Some of the Ingredients
Some of the Ingredients

Yet for those who wants to know how it tastes like before even actually tasting it — it’s kinda spicy; obviously because of the hot sauce (Tabasco), though you could also say it’s peppery and even salty at first. Then mixed with tomato juice? No wonder even its appearance is a bit thick. Right.

Still, it’s a good drink. Oh, in case you’re wondering what the celery is doing there — it’s for mixing your drink, and for cooling off that spiciness. Enjoy!


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