Movie Review: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

The title may not be appealing to some as it sounds a little ‘sickly’ — probably because of the word ‘home’ — then again, Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children has even been compared to films like Harry Potter among others. Interesting. But for us, it’s really in fact more like The Adventures of Baron Munchausen and The X-Men..

You know, entities with extra-ordinary powers shunned by society and like ‘trapped in a time loop’! Well, t’is actually about a boy who after his family’s tragedy follows clues from his grandfather’s old photos that leads him to an abandoned orphanage on a Welsh island.. And so, the adventure begins.

This novel is just somethin’, eh!

A girl lighter than air. An invisible boy. A girl who could grow plants and trees in a jippy. A child who is as strong as an ox. A boy who spits out bees. Another boy having the ability to extend another’s life by borrowing another creature’s heart. And more. Wow! No wonder it’s been a best seller off the shelves!

Hey, one would even think that he might have already seen all the ‘power’ there is in ‘group’ super beings, but no, there’s more in this. And to think that they’re not even superheroes!

The Peculiars
The Peculiars

Certainly, very entertaining for kids and adults alike. Perks up the imagination — more so that these ‘peculiars’ live in a time loop (created by Miss Peregrine) where they have to relive the same day forever. Plus a cave that’s like a time worm between 1943 and 2016!


If you even need a rope to control your flight or destination, then it makes less of a superhero — and that’s okay.

Anyway, when there is power, there’s an opposing power to it. Dr. Golan, a wight trying to gain more power. This then adds purpose to the ‘Peculiars’ which showcases their abilities in trying to stop the ‘bad supernaturals’. Yeah, while their abilities are unique, guess too much fantasy made some of the effects a little poor; and we’re talking about the battle at the carnival between the invisible monsters and the skeletons. In that instance, the 3D wasn’t that good anymore.

Also, there’s this scene that makes things close to, if not, boring. Really. Since you could practically control everything. Like when the ‘Peculiars’ were like watching some film at the yard — in where just before the bomb could blow up, all Miss Peregrine did was to use her ‘stopwatch’ and so causing the bomb and the planes to return. T’was like just being a show-off. Haha! No real purpose in that.

The invisible Peculiar playing with the ‘bee spitting’ boy

And yes, just curious. Why can’t Jacob see the invisible Peculiar? Yet, he could see hollowgasts! If his ability is limited to the ‘bad’ guys, then at least the producers should have made a scene where the invisible Peculiar shows himself to the group. Makes sense?!

Still, all because t’is a fantasy especially made for kids, most movie-goers don’t really mind a purposeful story line (unless it’s too bad) save for being entertained by special powers. Yup, we like Emma’s clearing of the underwater for breathing space, and the ‘pulling out of the sunken ship’ to the surface for sail though. Those were cool!

So surely, get ready for a sequel!


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