In Pictures: Naga’s 3-Pronged Attraction (Naga City, Cebu)

Being Cebu’s industrial locale, Naga City is not really known for beaches — though it does have a couple that you could visit — and so, let’s just go through some of their most worthy places to check out.

And for this article, we feature three spots that’s in close proximity to each other which is rather good for your convenience. The parish church. The town plaza. And the ocean park.


To Get Here: Just ride a #44 jeepney from Cebu City. Alternatively, rent a cab if your own vehicle is not available. It’s only over 20 kms!

1001b-naga-church-4 1001b-naga-church-13

From Cebu City, the Parish Church of St. Francis of Assisi is located at the right side — and it’s along the road, so you can’t miss it.



Know what’s nice about its plaza? Just beside it is a supermarket.. Not to mention that you just have to cross the road from the parish church to get there. Yep, the plaza’s just on the opposite side.



Wow, how spacious?! Indeed, as the St. Francis of Assisi Ocean Park is a mix of recreation and commerce. And it’s just beside the plaza!

Oh, if you want to know more of other interesting stuff in the place, check out Naga’s Cultural Heritage Map which you could actually find at the Ocean Park itself. Feel free to roam around.


Otherwise, just ask the local authorities. Till next time!


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