Movie Review: Deepwater Horizon (2016)

For those who are curious to what really happened in the 2010 oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, well, this is your chance to find out — cinematically, at least — in our movie feature, Deepwater Horizon.

Yeah, even though with claims of filming the exact details, it’s still a film not a documentary; therefore, it was made to ‘entertain’? To make people angry at BP? To make money? Hmm… The third one is more like it. Anyway, let’s check this out first..

Oh, the soda analogy was good for the trailer. It makes viewers intrigued. Like a premonition. Wow, as an outsider, you’d never really think ‘oil spills’ could be that dangerous — err, explosive? You know, it’s like they’re all just sitting easy at the rig. Haha!

The 'soda spill' just about to happen
The ‘soda spill’ just about to happen with Mark Wahlberg

Nonetheless, we feel for the victims of course. And wished justice was served.

Then again, for this one, it’s still a film. Therefore, views should be detached and only focused on how the movie was executed. And so, here are our views..

Rig action is kinda boring unless it evolves to something like the story in ‘Armageddon’ of Bruce Willis. Okay, Deepwater is based on a real story while Armageddon is fiction; then again, how real was everything shown at Deepwater, anyway? 70%? 80? 99 per cent? As it is, t’is just somethin’ like an informational film with a touch of commercialization. Not many could really relate to such since just how many are really into oil rigs in real life? Or even in fantasy? Well.. That explains the low box office for the film so far.

They call it, 'The Well From Hell'. Oooow!
They call it, ‘The Well From Hell’. Oooow!

See. Even without watching the film, we could already formulate reasons on such accidents. The valves. The pressure. Equipment malfunction and stuff. So? If ever, only the posters and the trailers did the trick in enticing movie-goers to see how the events were cinematically recreated. Haaahh.

While victims were understandably traumatized in real life, we were traumatized by the idea of even making such a tragedy into a movie. What a waste of a talented cast — especially John Malkovich who could give more if only for a better script!

John Malkovich
John Malkovich as Donald Vidrine

Bottom line is.. Real-life films should be inspiring, if not relatable. At least to the majority. Like plane or ship disasters.

Remember Jack and Rose?


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