Music Review: AKB48, Their Music and Pranks (Japanese)

Okay, how ’bout some Monday laughter?! Yeah??

So, here now is AKB48..

Whatta sense of humor, eh? Even their idols are pranked so ‘hard’!

Well, we all know of K-Pop.. Their bands, their music and all. But how about J-Pop? Yep, as in Japanese Pop! Have you heard of this group AKB48? Yeah? T’is actually a popular idol group in Japan composed of girls in their early teens to mid-20’s which is said to hold several Guinness World Records — including being recognized in 2010 as the world’s “largest pop group”.

AKB48 was actually named after the Akibahara area in Tokyo

Hmm… Tho at one time — back in 2012 — they had 149 members featured in a video game. Now, they currently have 121 members divided among 5 teams. Wow, stupendous!

Wouldn’t they sound like a ‘cheering squad’ instead? Haha! Anyway, let’s see one of AKB48’s team in their 2010 music video Beginner..

Oh, their music is okay. Yet more than just having a crowded stage, could there be fierce competition not just among the 5 teams but within? Gaps, grudges, jealousy and things like that? Must be tough to manage considering you gotta try to make them all blossom..

If possible.

The pranks are a good sign though that everything must be.. Okay.


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