Review: TP-Link Smart Plug (Controls Your Devices from Anywhere)

For only $29.99 you can have Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in Home Automation Modules — the TP-Link Smart Plug! Yep, this controls your devices from just about anywhere. That’s right, anywhere!

With that alone, it should give us an idea of how such could happen. Well, Smartphone. Kasa app. Internet. All rolled into one, of course, and you now have an automated home.

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Lower Energy Bills. Since you could then schedule the power of appliances and electronics at home, turning ’em on and off as needed, this would help you save money. Obviously.

Safety. We are aware that there could be ‘things’ that are heat sensitive, or could easily burn especially if left unattended — now, with TP-Link Smart Plug, this doesn’t only lower your energy bills but keeps your home from potential fire hazards, even if you’re away from home.

Security. How would potential burglars react if they would notice someone’s home? Many would actually shy away, right? They’d likely wait for you to leave or have some vacation before attacking, again. Right. But what if you could make your house appear as if you never left, as if someone’s in there? Then that would frustrate the burglars. Definitely. And perhaps, they would look for another target instead. Result. House secured. Yes, even if you’re miles away.

Click the Image to check out Amazon Echo
Click the Image to check out Amazon Echo

Hmm… And if these are not enough, Smart Plug also has this thing called ‘voice control’ where instead of tapping your smartphone, you could use ‘voice command’ — through Amazon Echo using the Alexa Voice Service. T’is sold separately tho. Haha!


One. Though chances are low, what would happen if there’s an app breakdown, you know bugs? Yeah, especially if you’re miles away from home, there should be an online fix; otherwise, imagine what could happen while you’re gone?!

TP-Link Smart Plug

Two. Just in case, would a reset or a reinstallation of the app require a resetting of the appliances and electronics at home? Certainly, we want less of those hassles.

Three. And how equipped is Smart Plug on sudden power interruptions or accidental unplugging? Clearly, there should be some temporary form of continuance (like the UPS) on its design.

In all, and in an ideal world, TP-Link Smart Plug is indeed a good buy.


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