Movie Review: Storks (2016)

Notice that 3D or animated films has been hitting the theatres more often than not these days?! Well, here’s another one that was shown just recently..

Yes, Storks!

Uh-huh, it’s a story about ’em birds who delivers those babies to couples wishing for that ‘bundle of joy’. But this time, there’s a twist. Of course. So, first watch the trailer to see them in action..

Oh, being able to actually write a stork in request for a baby is cute. And it comes via airmail, too! Haha! Anyway, since it’s a story that many of us are familiar with, watching Storks became something like aligning, or misaligning the tale from the film — but surely with a lot of laughs! Oh my, even birds are now techies with!


One. Here, you got to appreciate how a child’s ‘innocence’ was taken into consideration when the Gardner family discussed about, err, how the baby came to be with couples. Nice one!

Two. While the 3D of humans were cool, we didn’t really like how the wolves were created. Like other recent 3D’s, they’re just a bit square and somehow looks like bears. Really. The birds were okay though — save for the ‘peanut-like’, green little birdie.


Three. Having a baby and taking care of it is a big responsibility, it’s no joke; and surely Nate and even Tulip did show characteristics worthy to be emulated by movie-goers — yup, children and adults alike — from hard work to caring to sacrifice. Good lesson.

Four. The value of family was once again on display — and that is being together, no matter what! Yet exactly how many of us even realizes this?? See, with all the divorce and separations going on, ‘family’ has become like just a word we refer to — for ‘origins’ sake, you know.

Yeah, just to have a ‘blood’ relative — to be able to say that we didn’t just come from some ‘baby factory’ delivered by a stork to our said parents. That’s it.

Okay, ‘parents and guardians’, they do take care of their kids even after separating — but look at how those kids would be when they grow up? They’d most likely end up divorcing as well; and never truly learning how to value family. Some even becoming delinquents!

In other cultures, even ‘whole’ families has become confusing, too. Wow, what has happened to ‘family’?!


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