Consumer Info: Clearing Clogged Arteries Naturally through Food

There was a time when strokes or heart attacks for that matter were basically experienced by the middle-aged and especially senior citizens; however, times have changed. Circulation and heart problems have also become health issues among those in their 30’s, and to some extent — even those in their 20’s. Why is this?

Poor eating habits. Lack of exercise. Unhealthy lifestyle. Plus. Plus. Plus.

Result? A blockage as a result of an accumulation of plaque where one’s blood flows. Thus, a stroke or a heart attack that could cut short one’s life. Change has to happen — alongside the consumption of foods that could ‘clear’ clogged arteries, naturally.

Well, looking closely, none of the foods we saw really ‘clears’ clogged arteries. Otherwise, you just have to consume it for a looong time for it to take effect. After all, plaque is hard, and it’s already been stuck in the blood vessel for quite a while; so..

Once it’s blocked, it’s blocked. And the only way to actually clear it is through ‘angioplasty’, or the surgical repair or recanalization of a blood vessel. So, what gives? What then are these food for?


As we know, prevention is better than cure. And like many information and videos that we actually get on food that are said to ‘clear’ clogged arteries, it’s in fact only for prevention.


Now, it’s a matter of knowing what’s available at the market; yet worry not, it doesn’t really have to be all of them! You just have to understand how to mix and match (for maximum benefits) — even three or so of these foods in your daily meals.

Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food!


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