Music Review: Starboy (The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk)

Another song of The Weeknd is on the rise, and it’s currently #2 at the Billboard’s Hot 100 through 22 October 2016. Yeah, you must have heard it already..

Starboy featuring Daft Punk.

But have you seen the music video?

The lyrics are kinda ‘complex’. Not that they could not be understood but, ahh well, just listen.. The beat though is cool but it’s a bit typical these days. The setting, hmm.. not surprisingly is pretty.. Morbid??

You know, it’s dark and all.

Well, the only bright thing here is the ‘cross’. Lighted pink. But what’s he doin’ carrying that cross? At some point, wagging, and hitting things with it? It only makes the lyric ‘mother f*ck**’ (has this line become a norm??) and the rest of the lines quite.. Unholy.

Still, with close to 90 million YouTube views plus its rise in the music rankings, not too many are aware that a ‘cross’ is not just a simple prop — but something that should be revered.


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