Cocktail: How to Make a Margarita

So, ready for another weekend round at the bar? Well, today, we bring you yet another favorite cocktail drink — the Margarita!

But before we start drinking, let’s see how it’s done..

Hmm… Looking closely, the Margarita has one of the simplest ingredients — yeah, good for us! For the classic as Tom Mazy has shown, it’s a matter of 3 quality ‘elements’: the Tequila. The Cointreau (or you could use the Triple Sec). The lime juice. All of which and especially the Tequila should be high quality since half of the Margarita is actually made of ‘agave’.

Makes sense.


ONE. Try to avoid mixes or concentrates; instead use high quality or natural ingredients. Obviously, it’d taste better.

Ingredients of a classic Margarita

TWO. You could add some ingredients like nectar to neutralize the sourness of the Cointreau. Or even add agave (Tequila) to sweeten the flavor; but..

THREE. Do not dilute the ‘agave’ — it’s the Margarita’s key ingredient. Diluting would not make it a Margarita, anymore. Haha!

While the classic Margarita is tangy, and that’s because of the lime juice, you could actually make sweeter versions by using strawberry or mango instead. And more than just adding salt on the glass’ rim, don’t forget that the ice is there to keep your drink cold — not to water down your Margarita.

Till next time.. Enjoy!


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