Food Review: Enchilada Pasta (Army Navy Burger + Burrito)

We may have had enchilada and pasta as separate dishes; but what if they were put together, how ’bout that? Sounds cool, eh?!

Well, that’s exactly what I had at the Army Navy Burger + Burrito — ‘spicy’ enchilada plus ‘saucy’ pasta, uhh Enchilada Pasta! Haha! Reminds ya’ of PPAP, huh?!

Enchilada Pasta

Anyway, how was it? Deliciously spicy. Reminder though, if you pick on ’em without first mixing the whole thing, your dish could end up with a lot more cream than you wanted; so..

Otherwise, while the flavor of enchilada was prevalent, the pasta simply added weight to the combo. Meaning, not only did its ‘sauciness’ blend well with the cream, the cilantro and the rest of its ingredients — but it could even keep you full till your next major meal.

A good mix

Of course, the cheese and tomatoes are perfect for pasta — after all, have you heard of spaghetti? Yeah! Still, if you find this dish a little spicy, try requesting for a couple more red kidney beans..

Kinda neutralizes the ‘spiciness’ without sacrificing the taste, you know. And certainly with your soda, you would then have completed that foodie experience.

Till next time.. Enjoy!


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