Fashion Watch: Ladies In Black

It’s a one-color day, or at least for the majority of the clothing our stars are wearing in this feature that is. Ahh, ladies in red? Nope. How ’bout ladies in black for this week’s fashionistas?!

Yeah, black is elegant! And so, let’s see how they project that elegance..

Cate Blanchett (L) and Sandra Bullock (R)

Well, Sandra’s trench coat only enhanced her cool outfit. You’ll know, even from the hems alone!

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Hmm… Does she remind you of ‘Zorro’? Catherine sure did carry herself in style!

Felicity Jones

A Monster Calls? Definitely not a ‘monster’ to us, haha, but a beauty slipping inside a gorgeous dress. Go Felicity!

Jessica Simpson

Her facial features seem to have changed but Jessica’s black jumpsuit is still sexy on her.

Jennifer Garner

Now talk about ‘elegance’, yeah?! In this instance, Jennifer just took us to school with it. Don’t you just miss Elektra?

So, are you now ready for a night out?


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